Maternity Waist Support Belt
Maternity Waist Support Belt
Maternity Waist Support Belt
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Maternity Waist Support Belt

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Relieve Pelvic pain 
As the fetus grows, the weight of the rapidly growing fetus can press down your legs and may start experience pressure on pelvic region. This maternity Belt can help ease the stress and discomfort on lower back, ankles and abdomen. Your legs may feel unstable. It can help relieve sciatica - a common nerve pain which can spread down the back or leg and round ligament pain - common stretching pains in pregnancy. This item can be used not only as a pregnant support belly belt but also a postpartum. 

Material: 65% Cotton 35% Nylon Velcro Fish Ribbon

Color: Beige

Size - Large (length - 100 CM)


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