Manual Breastmilk Collector
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Manual Breastmilk Collector

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Mothers’ convenient breastfeeding item!
Even stay-at-home moms struggle in cleaning and losing parts of some electric breast pumps. Let this hassle-free silicone manual breast pump assist you in collecting milk while comfortably nursing your baby. Every drop counts! No more worries of drips going to waste.
• Simply attach this manual breastmilk pump
• Feel the strong suction and let it do the rest
• Comfortably relax while nursing your baby on the other side

Elegant and beautiful patterns,with clear scale on breast pump, you can visually see milk yield 

Enjoy suction play, increase sensitivity, and enlarge your breasts!

Can be collected breast milk during lactation simultaneously , prevent waste and smudge clothes

Soft and BPA free,can be sterilized with hot water and microwave

Convenient milk tank ,do not worry about milk overflows

Sucking mouth soft and designed to be larger opening, can better fit the breast, very comfortable

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