Malunggay Mixes - Choco/Coffee

Me and Mom


Active Ingredients:

  • Stevia Natural Sweetener
  • Non Dairy Creamer
  • Malunggay, Ashitaba and Gotu Kola

Active Ingredients and Benefits

Stevia – A type of Herb that has a sweet taste, and it is a healthy substitute for Sugar because its COMPLETELY NATURAL.  

— Healing Benefits, No Side Effects, Helps in Insulin Secretion

Malunggay – Known as the “Miracle Tree” or “Nature’s Medicine Cabinet”.

— Strengthens Immune System, High in Calcium, Controls blood pressure, Restores Skin Condition, Helps boost Breast Milk Production

Gotu Kola – “Most Spiritual Herb.”

— Helps Relieve Mental Fatigue, Memory enhancer, Helps boost Breast Milk Production

Ashitaba –  “Tomorrow Plant”

— Anti Inflammatory, Safe Anti – Oxidant, Helps boost Breast Milk Production

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