Breastpump Bag - Removable Backpack

Me and Mom

₱1,499.00 ₱1,999.00

  • The best part of the bag is you can easily remove the middle separator in order to increase the size of cooler bag if you decided not to bring your breast pump along.
  • Besides, V-Coool Removable Mommy Cooler Bagpack is made of water resistant inner layer, 10MM Foam, and PVC for better water resistant protection.
  • There are two compartments that can be removed, Convenient for different purposes. 
  • Take the stylish and practical bag anytime and anywhere.Whether your at work,at the gym,or at a friends house,you can rest easy knowing you have a place to store wherever you pump.
  • Store and transport up to 10L. Holds up to 6-8 standard neck bottles measuring 5oz.
  • Lunch Bag-Double zipper,comfortable thicken carrying for mothers,office workers,students,etc.
  • Double independent space,removable layer design,the upper 8 cm independent opening enough to place the breast pump and other items. Insulated wipeable lining keeps bottles cold for a long time.With ice packs or ice brick ,the effect is better .

Size : 25cm x 15.5cm x 34.5cm

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