Stay at home and stay safe.

Me and Mom started early in 2016 to share my experiences as a mother starting from the early challenges of having my newborn until today that she is now a toddler. The products offered by Me and Mom are brought about by my thorough research of finding the right solutions for obstacles presented by motherhood as the days, weeks and months pass by. Quality products which are not only effective and worth every penny, but products which ensure the safety, health and overall wellness of my treasure in life, my daughter. We offer a wide range of products from lactation aids (malungay, chocolate and coffee-based ), nursing aids, breast pumps, milk storage bottles, mother friendly bags, baby proofing products, nursing clothes and washable cloth diapers which make motherhood a wonderful experience. Motherhood need not to be a difficult, it should be filled with great and fulfilling moments for all mothers out there.

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